back to school blues!

have 10 days left of the holidays! So sly! And when we go back to school we don't know who are new RS teacher is because our proper one is on maternity leave! So i'm scared of what they're called and what they're going to be like! But i have all the...

200 minutes till Miranda!

Love the Miranda that is being shown tonight! Gary Barlow and Raymond Blanc is on it! I can't wait! Love Take That as well! Massive fan! second hand has to go round 200 more times! Can't wait! Corrie can sod off until 9:30PM! Need comedy in our lives!


Don't have a clue who she is but everyone in my family seemed to love her and i know that she said "You know how to whistle don't you? you just put your lips together and whistle." LOL! but rip anyway hun!