#PeaceforParis :(

You do not know how sickened I am how the hell can you just kill over 180 people and just not care!? I cannot believe I am having to write this RIP to everyone of you who were killed for no reason whatsoever exept power madness and pure evilness RIP...

Rememberance Day 2015 :(

#Atthegoingdownofthesunwewillrememberthem #Lestweforget  #Whenyougohometonighttellthem"foryourtomorrowwegaveourtoday" #RememberanceSunday #RememberanceDay #Neverforget #Wewouldn'tbehereifitwasn'tforthem ...

Happiness :)

Had such an amazing night at pleasureland Southport last night watching the fireworks they were outstanding phenomanal amazing and really were much better than anywhere we have been to in the past as we actually saw the bonfire and the fireworks going...

Cannot wait!

This is the final one now I promise you Southport Pleasure Land Free tomorrow night! Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! #Fireworklover #thisoneisdefinite :) 

Halloween over :(

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween last night! Loved opening the door to our trick or treaters! cute kids they were all lovely :) X love Halloween it is so magical :) all over for another year now :) Bonfire night next! #cannotwaittogo!